Salmon #2 Thinner Grade (2"-3")

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Salmon alabaster, named for its similarity in appearance to fresh salmon. While it may look deliciously tempting, it is not a food item, but a mineral that is perfect for intricate sculptures.

The stone has a distinctive pinkish-orange hue with a white, opaque quality that gives it a unique and captivating appearance. The texture can be polished to a smooth shine, and the surface may have a slight translucency that allows light to pass through it.

It is highly valued by artists for its aesthetic qualities and is used to create beautiful sculptures that showcase its natural beauty. The stone is easy to carve and can be turned, as most alabasters, on a lathe for bowls.

Stone Sizes: 1.5" - 3" Slabs

Approximately 1.5" to 3" thick slabs, there may be some pieces which gradually taper/thin to 1" thick.  Weights are from 5 lbs. to 200 lbs.  Rare slabs over 200 lbs. are sold as special orders.   

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