Grecian Alabaster

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Grecian Alabaster is a stunning variety of alabaster, prized by artisans and sculptors for its exquisite beauty and unique coloration. This particular type of alabaster is renowned for its distinctive red and gray waves that flow throughout the stone, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic visual effect.

The predominant color in Grecian is a rich, deep red that ranges from soft, blush-like tones to more intense, raspberry hues. This warm and inviting red hue shows this stone's intricate patterns, creating a captivating contrast that adds depth and character to the stone.

Sculptors can take advantage of the stone's unique coloration to create pieces that are both striking and emotionally evocative. The red and gray waves seem to dance across the surface of the sculpture, adding a sense of movement and fluidity to the artwork. 

Artists and collectors appreciate Grecian Raspberry Alabaster not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its workability. It is a relatively soft and easy-to-carve stone, which allows for intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship. Sculptors can bring their creative visions to life with precision, knowing that this alabaster responds well to their tools.

Grecian is a cousin of Raspberry Alabaster.

Stone Sizes:

Smaller stones will be 3" to 6" dimensions for thickness and width, larger stones are 6" to 36" thickness, up to 10 ft x 10 ft in width and length, very large stones available up to 20-25 tons.  Call for larger sizes.

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