Emperor Maximilian Dark Green & Red

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Emperor Maximilian Alabaster is a type of alabaster that is both popular and rare, sought after by craftsmen and artisans for its unique beauty and enjoyable workability. It is characterized by its dark green and maroon red coloring, which is often accented with tiny orange spots that give it a striking and distinctive appearance.

Craftsmen particularly enjoy working with Emperor Maximilian Alabaster due to its fine-grained texture and relatively soft, easy-to-carve nature. Its vibrant coloration and striking patterns make it an ideal material for creating small, decorative objects, such as little turtles or cacti.

There are two variants of Emperor Maximilian Alabaster: one with more red coloring and another with less. Both are highly prized by collectors and artisans alike, as each has its own unique visual appeal.

Overall, Emperor Maximilian Alabaster is a stunning and versatile material that is sure to add a touch of elegance and charm to any creative project. Its rarity and beauty make it a true treasure for those who work with it.

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