Driftwood Black

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This rare stone, first found in 1990, is blackish and has some swirls of dark brown or grey patterning that looks like wood grain.  This stone gets a satin luster with a silver sheen when polished. It also sometimes looks like it has a shell-like conchoidal fracture.  This is a though stone, slightly harder than our other alabaster (about ½ Mohs.)

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Stone Sizes:

  • Extra Small: 1 – 6 Lbs. Fist to Double Fist, Fetish Size
  • Small: 6 – 35 Lbs. Double Fist to 6”x8”x4” Lunchbox Size
  • Medium: 35 – 140 Lbs. 6”x8”x4” to 10”x10”x3” (Max Flat Rate)
  • Large: 35 – 300 Lbs. 10”x10” or Bigger