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SOLD BY THE POUND (called "units" above)

This page is set up to order a bulk quantity of Salmon #1 (3"-4" Thick) Alabaster.

Please let us know what size of pieces of stone you want and then choose a total weight of stone your are looking for. 

The actual weight of stone you recieve will exceed your request by 50 to a 100 lbs given the nature of raw/rough stone. 

Shipping is calculated at checkout based on the weight purchased and current shipping costs. 

By entering a unit (lb) of stone you are selecting how many total pounds of stone you want. The minium and maximum purchase amounts are based on where our bulk discounts are appiled, as well as expected stock. 


Bulk discount rates applied at check out.

  • Buy 145 - 499 lbs and get 10% off  
  • Buy 500 - 999 lbs and get 25% off
  • Buy 1000 - 1999 lbs and get 35% off
  • Buy 2000 - 5999 lbs and get 50% off
  • Buy 6000 or more lbs and get 55% off



Salmon alabaster, named for its similarity in appearance to fresh salmon. While it may look deliciously tempting, it is not a food item, but a mineral that is perfect for intricate sculptures.

The stone has a distinctive pinkish-orange hue with a white, opaque quality that gives it a unique and captivating appearance. The texture can be polished to a smooth shine, and the surface may have a slight translucency that allows light to pass through it.

It is highly valued by artists for its aesthetic qualities and is used to create beautiful sculptures that showcase its natural beauty. The stone is easy to carve and can be turned, as most alabasters, on a lathe for bowls.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review