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Raspberry Alabaster, a highly sought-after carving stone, is a true gem among sculptors and artisans. Its name aptly captures its exquisite appearance, reminiscent of ripe raspberries in various shades of maroon, dusty pink, and punctuated with delicate white patches, adding a touch of elegance to its natural beauty. The occasional presence of white patches or streaks adds contrast and intrigue to the material, emphasizing the stone's inherent character.

Carving Raspberry Alabaster is a joy for artists and craftsmen alike. Its relatively soft yet durable nature allows for intricate detailing and precise craftsmanship. This stone lends itself particularly well to polish, offering a glossy, smooth finish that highlights the rich, vibrant colors within. When expertly carved and polished, Raspberry Alabaster sculptures radiate a captivating and luxurious allure.

The exceptional qualities of Raspberry Alabaster have not gone unnoticed in the artistic world. Many sculptors have used this stone to create award-winning pieces, thanks to its unique combination of color, texture, and versatility. Its natural beauty and the artistic potential it holds make it a highly prized material among those who appreciate the art of stone carving.

Stone Sizes:

Smaller stones will be 3" to 6" dimensions for thickness and width, larger stones are 6" to 36" thickness, up to 10 ft x 10 ft in width and length, very large stones available up to 20-25 tons.  Call for larger sizes.

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