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Harvest Red

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20.00 LBS

Product Overview


The 541 – Harvest Red is a variation to the 540 Harvest Gold, with the same bright Yellow “WOW” effect and Swirls of Red and White.  Harvest Red also has Giant Shale layers that sit on top of or in the stone and has Fused/Hardened with the Alabaster. This is a though stone, slightly harder (About ½ Mohs) than our other alabaster.

OLD DESCRIPTION is a new color with bright yellow “wow” effect and bands of orange and white with blotches of pink make this a lovely new addition to our inventory.

Stone Sizes:

  • Small: Fist to Double Fist ( 1-15Lbs.)
  • Medium: Double Fist to Lunchbox Size (15-50Lbs.)
  • Large: Lunchbox to 10”x10”x4” (50-200+Lbs)
  • Extra Large: Sheets Larger Than 10”x10”x4” (200-1500+Lbs)