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Translucent Peach

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20.00 LBS
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Product Overview


Either a Juicy Peach or with a Glistening Orange Blushed Skin and a Snow-White center, Translucent Peach really knows how to stand out.  This stone usually comes in very thick slabs and is semi-translucent.   There are some areas of green shale in the stone.

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Stone Sizes Available

  • Premium is 10"-14" Thick, 70-3000 lbs each stone
  • Select is 6"-10" Thick, 70-2000 lbs each stone
  • Large is 10"x10"x4" to 6" or larger, 36-1500 lbs each stone
  • Medium is Lunchbox size to 10"x10"x4", 15-35 lbs each stone
  • Small is Double Fist to Lunchbox size 6-15 lbs each stone
  • Extra Small is Fist to Double Fist/Hand Size 1-6 lbs (Fetish Size) each stone