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Mixed Color Pallet of Stone 1,000 lb

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Pallet price: $1,050.00. Please call 435-477-3184 for shipping quote

1,000.00 LBS

Product Overview

Description:  Shipped on a standard pallet freight box (48”x40”x38"). The Pallet is composed of 1,000 lb. worth of mixed colors of alabaster stone.  Every stone is handpicked and cleared of any large cracks or chips by our stonemason and then carefully stacked and packaged into the box. The stone count for each pallet box depends on the size of stone selected.

We cannot guarantee any pallet to be identical to the number of stones, sizes of stone or even the same colors shown in the example pictures. 

The shipping map is a general idea of how much it might cost to ship a pallet to your location. The cost to ship may be less or more than shown. A residential address cost more than an industrial address. If a truck with a lift gate is needed it will also cost more. Please call with your zip code to get a more exact quote.

Stone Sizes:

Small 15 - 30 lb.  You can expect to receive between 33-65 individual stones. 

Medium 25 - 50 lb.  You can expect to receive between 20-40 individual stones. 

Large 30 - 70 lb.  You can expect to receive between 13-33 individual stones. 

Extra Large 70 - 200 lb. You can expect to receive between 5-14 individual stones.